I haven't written much on this bit yet as I'm not sure what of my work is actually of any interest whatsoever!

My raytracer of choice is POVRay, which is a freeware raytracer available on many platforms.

My raytracing projects to date include:


Someone once mentioned to me that he'd seen a spinning celtic cross used in someone's presentation once. I said 'I could do that', and he replied 'Go on then.' So I did. It's about 240K so it's here if you want.


While I was at university, a chemist friend of mine created a model of an LSD molecule using his balls and sticks. We transferred that to a POV-Ray file and rendered it up. Its not entirely accurate as we ran out of carbon and hydrogen, so the orange and green balls are ethyl and methyl groups respectively (or vice-versa - it was a long time ago!) Click the image for an 800x600 version - beware, its big (~130K) -- oooh, guess I was on dial-up when I wrote that.


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