Wordsearch creator

What is it?

Creates word searches from within Microsoft Word97 and later. If you use OpenOffice and would like to use it, let me know and if there's enough interest, I'll rewrite it.


Because my wife, who is a teacher, was spending far too much of her valuable time filling in tables with words to create word searches.


Because of the relatively new-found paranoia at Microsoft regarding viruses, I have had to "sign" this macro to enable it to run in later versions of Word. However, installation is not totally straightforward as I cannot pay $300 per year to maintain a Microsoft approved "signature", so I've used a "local-only signature", which you can install to your PC by following this PDF file.


Download the wordsearch on the end of this link. The Wordsearch creator is released under the terms of the GNU public license. This basically means that you can copy this as much as you like, as long as you give the whole thing including my sourcecode, which means you can give others the file as a whole.

You can read more about the GNU public license on the GNU homepage.


This macro shouldn't do nasty things to you or you computer. However, if it does I take no responsibility :-)
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